“Plant-Based Odor Eliminating Solution + Pure Essential Oil"

How it Works:

Airomé All-Natural Odor Eliminator combines our proprietary plant-based odor-eliminating solution with 100% pure essential oils. When dispersed in the air it effectively eliminates odors while imparting the benefits of aromatherapy. 

Set Includes:

-10 ml Eucalyptus All-Natural Odor Eliminator

-10 ml Orange All-Natural Odor Eliminator

- 1 amber spray bottle

How to Use:


Step 1. Fill with water and up to 15 drops of All-Natual Odor Eliminator then replace lid.


Step 2. Shake well and spray throughout room. 


Step 3. As solution is dispersed, it attracts and bonds to malodors. 


Step 4. Malodors are neutralized nad eliminated without harmful chemicals.




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