Airomé Scents Outdoors 3-Pack

Item #:  OUTPAK

Bring the fresh fragrances of the outdoors right into your own home with this limited edition Airomé Scents Outdoors 3-Pack. Set includes:

  • Fresh Wildflowers
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Festive Forest

Be transported to another time and place with our Airomé Scents Essential Oil Blends. Enjoy your favorite traditional home fragrances in an all-natural essential oil blend. With notes from complementary essential oils, pure extracts, and other all-natural ingredients, these blends will call to your mind feelings of comfort, nostalgia, adventure, and peace. Evoke or enhance any mood with these specially designed blends.
  • 100% all-natural
  • Essential oil based for an aromatherapy experience
  • Pair with our Essential Oil Diffusers
  • Combine with a carrier oil to use topically.


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