Eucalyptus CBD Enhanced Essential Oil

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  • An invigorating, refreshing aroma, plus CBD. Diffuse it seasonally to encourage deep breathing and relaxation.
  • ODOR FIGHTER: Add a few drops to a spray bottle, shake well and use throughout the home to help fight odors.
  • TOP AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS: Invigorate, Breathe, Refresh. Aroma is fresh and leafy.
  • USE: Diffuse aromatically with one of our beautiful Ultrasonic Diffusers.
  • Airome Essential Oils deliver our P.L.A.N.T. Promise. Purity certified, Lab-tested, All-natural, Non-GMO, and Therapeutic grade. Sourced from farmers around the world, distilled, and fresh botanicals brought to you in a bottle.

Airome CBD Enhanced Essential Oils expertly blend CBD with the myriad of benefits of 100% pure essential oils. CBD Pairs well with and complements many essential oils. Each 15 mL bottle of CBD Enhanced Essential Oil contains approximately 125 mg of pure CBD.

  • LAB REPORTS: View our CBD Lab Reports HERE.