5 Essential Oils for Romance

Aromatherapy can have a strong effect on mood and atmosphere, making it a perfect tool for setting the stage for Valentine’s Day. Let go of stress and worry and bring passion and romance to the forefront with these 5 essential oils.

Ylang ylang is a well-known aphrodisiac that has been associated with romance for centuries. It has a calming effect that stabilizes and boosts mood.
2. CLARY SAGE FOR INSPIRATION Also known as an aphrodisiac, clary sage promotes a sense of euphoria and inspires creativity.
3. CEDARWOOD FOR RELEASING TENSION The warming aroma of cedarwood alleviates stress and can ease muscle tension, which makes it a great addition to massage oil recipes.
4. PATCHOULI FOR STRESS RELIEFPatchouli oil can help you take a break from your busy week as it works to ease anxious feelings and promote well-being. 
5. LAVENDER FOR RELAXATIONMake room for romance and passion with peaceful, calming lavender. 
Essential oils can be diffused, or combined with a carrier oil and used topically. Using an essential oil blend allows you to maximize aromatherapy benefits, and combine the aromatherapy profiles of complementary oils. Serene and Still is a perfect blend of several oils that can enhance romance, with a mix of cedarwood, chamomile, lavender, marjoram, vetiver and ylang-ylang. Serene and Still makes a perfect massage oil when combined with Airomé Fractionated Coconut Oil, and can also be diffused.