4 Diffuser Blends for Your Entryway
4 Diffuser Blends for Your Entryway

Each area of your home has a purpose and sometimes our entryways get neglected. The entryway is the first impression your home gives to visitors. Diffusing essential oils in your entryway is a healthy way to welcome people into your home.

1. Bright Welcome Diffuser Blend

This bright and happy diffuser blend uses lemon, orange, and grapefruit essential oils to help brighten the mood of the entryway of your home. Use three drops of lemon, two drops of orange, and 2 drops of grapefruit.

Bright Welcome Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
2. Welcome Home Diffuser Blend

This Welcome Home Diffuser Blend uses the calming effects of lavender with the clean scent of peppermint and lemongrass to create a welcoming scent for your entryway. Use one drop of lavender, two drops of peppermint, and two drops of lemongrass to create this blend.

Welcome Home Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
3. Welcoming Peace Diffuser Blend

Welcoming Peace Diffuser Blend uses the grounding scents of clove and cinnamon with the bright scent of orange to help invite a feeling of peace. Use one drop of clove, two drops of orange, and two drops of cinnamon to create this peaceful blend. 

Welcoming Peace Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
4. Healthy Welcome Diffuser Blend

This diffuser blend combines Guard Against Essential Oil Blend with peppermint to help when seasonal threats are high. Use two drops of Guard Against and two drops of peppermint.

Healthy Welcome Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Diffusing in a small area like an entryway only needs to be done for about 30 minutes at a time to enjoy the benefits. You can safely use them for longer periods though. If you'd like to create your own diffuser blends, the easiest way to check and see if you like it is to hold the bottles in your hand with the lids off and smell. You'll be able to tell quickly if you'll like the blend or not. Then you are not wasting your oils on a diffuser blend that you don't like. 


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Essential Oils on the table

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