Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser Christmas Ornaments

If you have a fake Christmas tree, chances are that you miss the smell of a pine tree in your home during Christmas time. So today we are teaching you how to make these adorable homemade felt essential oil diffuser Christmas ornaments. 


What you'll need:
- Canadian Fir Essential Oil
- print out of the leaf pattern found

- green felt sheets (each sheet makes up to 12 leaves)

- red or white (or both) small pom poms

- string or jute

- fabric scissors

- fabric pins

- hot glue gun

- hot glue sticks


1. Cut out the leaf pattern pieces.

2. Pin the pattern to the felt sheet.

3. Cut around the leaf pattern.

4. Remove the pins and pattern from the felt leaves.

5. Add a drop of hot glue to one tip of one leaf and add another leaf's tip to the glue. (please see video)

6. Repeat with the third leaf.

7. Hot glue three pom pom's to the top of the leaves where they are glued together.

8. Cut a piece of string to about 5 inches. Tie the ends of the string together to create a loop.

9. Add a drop of glue to the back of the ornament and glue the knot of the string to it. 

10. Use our Canadian Fir Essential Oil and drop about two drops of oil per leaf.

11. Make a group of ornaments and drop them with essential oils.

12. Put them on your fake tree to help make it smell like a real tree. 


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