DIY Monster Spray with Essential Oils

“Getting your kids to stay in bed has never been easier with this DIY all-natural Monster Spray!”

Sometimes kids come up with the funniest excuses as to why they won’t stay in their rooms and just go to sleep. “I’m thirsty”, “I have an itch”, and “I forgot to tell you I love you!”. These excuses are pretty trivial, but when they start talking about being scared and saying there are monsters in their room, that’s when it gets hard to get them to go to sleep. Being in a big, dark, room by yourself is scary for a little one. That’s why we are sharing this DIY recipe for making your own homemade, all-natural, essential oil Monster Spray to help comfort your little ones on those scary nights. 

How to make monster spray

Getting the kids involved in the creation of this “magic potion” is very important. They will feel empowered when using the spray because they helped make it. Let the kids help you pick out the spray bottle and let them help you count the drops of essential oils. 

While you are dropping each of the oils in the bottle, be sure to explain to them the properties of each essential oil and why it helps. This will help them understand that the spray scares away the monsters (because monsters hate the smell of Lavender), and that can help the child sleep better. 

Essential oils that make great additions to Monster Spray include:

  • Lavender- relax, calm, sleep (and monsters hate the smell of lavender so it chases them away)
  • Clary Sage- rest, soothe, relax
  • Bergamot- calm, decompress, focus

All of our essential oils at Airomé are certified 100% pure, therapeutic grade. They are free of harsh chemicals, and can be used topically with a carrier oil or diffused. 

DIY Monster Bed Time Spray made with Essential Oils.

What you’ll need:


  1. Fill the spray bottle with water
  2. Add essential oils
  3. Shake well
  4. Spray over bedding, in closets, under the bed and in corners of the room to chase away monsters. 

Once you have the spray made, each night after reading a bedtime story, singing a song, and hugs and kisses, tuck the little tike in bed and lightly spray a fine mist over the bedding. Spraying inside the closet and under the bed doesn’t hurt either. Be sure to shake well before each use. It’s fun to come up with a song or a chant, like “no monsters allowed” while spraying. It’s more effective that way. 

How to make monster spray with all natural essential oils

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DIY Monster Spray with Essential Oils