Essential Oils and Protective Face Masks

Wearing a face mask comes with its own challenges. Especially for those who have to wear them all day long. Using essential oils in our face mask can support positivity and help boost your mood and energy. Today we are going to share with you some of the best essential oils you can use in your protective face mask to help make wearing it more bearable.

But first, let’s learn how to use essential oils on a protective mask: Add two drops of essential oil to the side of where your nose goes in the mask. Let the oils soak in for at least 10 minutes before putting your mask on.

Here are our top picks for 100% pure essential oils to use in face masks.

Bergamot Lime: brighten, stimulate, uplift

Aroma: citrusy & sweet

Clary Sage: rest, soothe, relax

Aroma: herbal & sweet

Eucalyptus: invigorate, breathe, refresh

Aroma: fresh & leafy

Grapefruit: uplift, energize, invigorate

Aroma: citrusy & crisp

Lavender: relax, calm

Aroma: flower & herbal

Lemon: cleanse, purify, boost

Aroma: citrus lemon peel

Lemongrass: aware, calm, clarity

Aroma: lemony & green

Orange: energize, purify, uplift

Aroma: sweet & citrusy

Patchouli: peace, meditate, balance

Aroma: musky & spicy

Peppermint: refresh, focus, clarify

Aroma: minty & sweet

Ylang Ylang: inspire, brighten, romance

Aroma: floral & rich