How Himalayan Salt Lamps Work

New Himalayan Salt Lamps from Airomé emit energizing negative ions that purify the air and improve mood. These ions are also found in naturally rejuvenating sources like lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. Ions are electrically-charged atoms or molecules. Positive ions, like those emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices, can be carried by water molecules. As the salt crystals become warm, water molecules evaporate and the positive ions they are carrying neutralize.

The illuminated crystal of our Himalayan Salt lamps and warmers create a soothing therapeutic glow. Our Himalayan Salt Lamps gently warm when turned on emitting neutralizing ions. Add essential oil to the warming dish of our Himalayan Salt Oil Warmer for an aromatherapy experience as you naturally purify the air.

Our beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps serve as stunning interior decorations. Placing a Himalayan Salt Lamps and Pluggable throughout the home can help provide purifying and soothing benefits.

How it Works: