How to Air Out Your House

4 Tips on How To Air Out Your Home After a Long Winter

It’s that time of year when we are ready for spring to come and say goodbye to winter. If the temperature rises at all we get excited and start pulling out the shorts and flip flops, only to put them back in storage after a huge snowstorm the last week of March.

We are ready to brighten and freshen things up. We are ready for spring cleaning, but have you ever thought about how clean the air in your house is? It’s been stagnant all winter long since we don’t usually open the windows when it’s zero degrees outside. And if you forget to change the air filter, man is your air dirty.

Today I’m sharing with you 4 great tips on how to clean out the yucky winter stagnant air in your home.

1. Change the air filter in your furnace and dust all your vents.

My family has seasonal allergies and I can tell a huge difference between the cheap see-through air filters and the nice allergen filters. There is much less sneezing and reactive airways when we use a high-quality filter. So be sure to spend that little bit more to have a healthier home. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your air filter to add a pleasant scent to your home every time the heater or air conditioning turns on.

We especially love the Purify and Cleanse Blend. This essential oil blend is a mixture of coriander, galbanum, and orange. Our essential oils are all-natural and free of harsh chemicals. They are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and can be diffused or diluted with a carrier oil and used topically. See all of our essential oils on the Aromé website.

Dusting the vent for air conditioning filter in ceiling of modern home

2. Open the windows and doors for a little while.

When you have a nice, warm, spring day outside, open the house up and let the fresh air flow through. You don’t have to do this for a long period of time. Only about 30 minutes, and you can use fans to help speed the process up! You don’t want to do this on a cold day because you won’t like your gas bill after the heater has to warm back up the house. So, look at the weather forecast and get ready for the fresh air on a warm day.

3. Use diffusers, essential oils, wax warmers, and wax melts to create the feel of Spring in the air.

Colder air is very dry and can dry up your throat and skin. Using a humidifier or diffuser can add moisture to the air and create the feeling of “Spring in the air”. Wax melts can make your house smell like a beach or a citrus grove and help lift your spirit on a dreary day. We have so many different styles, colors, and shapes of diffusers and warmers to choose from. There’s bound to be one that will match your home décor perfectly.

I like using diffusers in the bedrooms and wax melts in the living areas. Mainly because I don’t want the kids to spill wax in their rooms, but also because the diffuser moistens the air and helps my throat while I sleep. A great duo for springtime is our Willow Diffuser with our Citrus Boost Essential Oil Blend. It will make your house smell like a sweet citrus grove.

4. Use baking soda.

You can sprinkle baking soda over carpets, curtains, rugs, upholstery, mattresses and so much more. Baking Soda absorbs odors and traps them. So just sprinkle it sparingly then vacuum it up. Cleaning the pillow covers and curtains in each room will help freshen the air too. You can also use it on cement basement floors to get rid of musty smells. I’d even leave out a cup of it in those rooms that always smell and add a few drops of my favorite essential oil. Lemon Essential Oil is great for this job.
There are 4 great tips on how to clean out that stale air in your home. What do you do to keep your home smelling fresh and clean all year long? Happy Spring Cleaning everyone!

baking soda and lemon on wooden table