Life Advice From Mother Nature

We’re all familiar with that peaceful, grounded feeling we get when we’re out in nature. That’s the feeling we’re trying to bottle up in our essential oils. When Mother Nature is talking, we try to listen, and we’ve heard some great advice! When you take a look at life from the perspective of a plant, some game-changing strategies begin to grow.


Have you ever noticed that many flowers will turn towards the sun as it moves across the sky? They focus on the light, and soak up as much of it as they can. What brings light to your life? Identify the parts of your life that make you feel warm and bright, and train your life to move towards them constantly.


 You could sit and watch the grass grow all day, and not even see it happening, but each week it’s time to mow it again. Sometimes progress isn’t made in big leaps and bounds. It’s made by setting and achieving small goals, and by having gratitude for all the ways that small growth adds up to big changes.


Many plants need to be pruned to optimize growth. Cutting back on peripheral energy allows the plant to centralize its resources, and come back stronger than ever. It may feel counterintuitive to cut back when you feel like something is lacking, but simplifying your life can make room for new growth and opportunities. Sometimes painful losses end up being blessings in disguise, and just the thing we need to move forward.


Life is just as much about knowing when to act as it is about knowing how to act. Timing is everything, and plants are masters at knowing when it’s time to bloom and grow, and when it’s time to hibernate for protection from extreme conditions. It’s good to soak up the light and branch out, but it’s okay to take a break, regroup, and save up some energy before taking another run at it.


Plants can be delicate when they’re not getting the nourishment they need, but they’re strong and resistant when they are. They need access to water, sunlight, and the proper nutrients. Taking care of yourself means more than just eating healthy food. It also means finding enjoyment in your life, and nourishing your mind and spirit as well.

Take a tip from a plant. Soak up some sunlight, be true to your deep roots, and you’ll thrive in all kinds conditions!