Odor Eliminator Essential Oils 20% OFF Sale

To help you get started with using our Odor Eliminator Essential Oils we are discounting them 20% if you use the code MAYTIPS at checkout. Hurry! Sale ends May 27, 2022 at 11:59 PM.

Our All-Natural Odor Eliminator Oils combine 100% Pure Essential Oils with our All-Natural Odor Eliminator to help neutralize odors. Today we are sharing with you 5 different ways these oils can be used around your home.

1. Cleaning

Our All-Natural Odor Eliminator Oils are natural and safe to use in the home. They are a potent, powerful, and effective way to clean and eliminate stubborn odors. Our Odor Eliminators are a great alternative to other cleaners that contain toxins and chemicals. Just add a few drops of your favorite scent to a spray bottle filled with distilled water and use as a kitchen, bathroom, and floor refresher.

2. Gym Bags

Gym bags can have an overwhelming odor that is hard to get rid of. Our Odor Eliminator Essential Oils can help combat that stink! Just drop a few drops of oil on a damp washcloth, stick it in your gym bag and throw it in your dryer on a medium setting for about 10 minutes. You can also use the same method with a wool dryer ball. 

3. Laundry Boost

Use our Odor Eliminator Essential Oils to help boost your laundry power. All you need to do is add your favorite scent (we like lemon, lavender, or orange for this) directly to your washing machine by dropping about 5-7 drops directly into the water as your washing machine fills up. Or you can add about 30 drops directly to your liquid laundry detergent bottle and shake to mix. Then you can add the same oil to your wool dryer ball before tossing it in the dryer with your clothes. 

4. Diffuse

Diffusing our Odor Eliminator Essential Oils can help eliminate stinky, smoky, and musty household odors. Add 3-4 drops to your diffuser and enjoy the fresh clean smell. You can also combine lemon and orange for a bright, cheerful scent.

5. Room Spray

Using our Odor Eliminator Essential Oils as a room spray is a great alternative to other air fresheners that contain toxins and chemicals. This is a great tip for anyone who has a teenager that plays sports! All you need to do is fill a clean spray bottle with distilled water and add 10-20 drops of Odor Eliminator Essential Oils. Shake well and spray throughout your home to eliminate stubborn odors. 

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