Natural Linen Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser



  • DESIGN: With its effortless neutral design, the Natural Linen Ultrasonic Diffuser makes an elegant addition to any contemporary home. Enjoy the aromatic advantages of essential oils with a diffuser that perfectly matches your minimalist style and decor. Wrapped in real, high quality linen, this diffuser provides a luxury look and feel that compliments any surrounding decor.
  • USE: 120 mL capacity allows for 4-8 hours of runtime. It has 2 mist modes, continuous or intermittent. Diffuses through a side, directional slot so you can point it towards your face or any direction you want the mist directed.
  • INCLUDES: BPA-Free Plastic sleeve, Plastic base, 5 ft cord, Water vessel. Overall Dims: 4.4" Tall, 4.4" Diam.
  • PURE AND NATURAL FRAGRANCE: Make a statement with Airome Essential Oil Diffusers, designed to not only help you bring aromatherapy into your home, but do so beautifully. Recommended use with our 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil singles and blends or our all-natural AiromeScents blends. Sold separately.

The perfect simple diffuser for those just starting out in essential oils or those looking to expand their collection economically. The Directional Mist Essential Oil Diffuser provides an aromatherapy experience with mist that gently flows in the direction you point it. It has a 120 mL capacity with a run time of 4-8 hours, depending on if mist is set to intermittent or continuous. LED light is a cool, calming white color. Automatically shuts off when out of liquid. Great to use during cold and flu season when you want your favorite oil directed towards your face.